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Welcome to my little space on the web. This site should give you information about my background, research, interests, and personality. My degrees say Bioengineering. I would say that I'm an engineer who occasionally moonlights as a biologist, but I'm an engineer first. I'm married to an awesome woman, we have two kids. I like to say that having kids is like watching your house getting destroyed by a tornado - what a disaster, but man is it cool to watch. My research is loosely centered around microfluidics and its applications towards molecular and cellular biology. My life is focused around spending time with family and friends, and having as much fun as possible in the lab. I'm currently building really cool things at Fluxion Biosciences in South San Francisco


May 2012It's been several years since I've updated this, but I'm back. I've also started to blog some of my random DIY projects that I hope others may be interested in: Nevillswood

January 20, 2010Hazel gets a baby brother! Grayson Everett Nevill was born today

April, 2009We've updated our website: Fluxion Biosciences.

April 11, 2009Another blog picks up the microfluidic art .

February, 2009New website for our Idea Lab on point of care diagnostics: can be found here.

December, 2008Call me Dr. I'm done! Let me know if you want to read my dissertation ('Impedance Spectroscopy-Based Biosensors'), and I'll send you a copy.

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